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Tasty Gift Assortment

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Earliest Delivery : 5/27/2024

Introducing Tasty Gift Assortment - a delightful assortment that encapsulates the essence of gourmet indulgence. This carefully curated collection offers a tantalizing array of flavors and textures, perfect for those seeking a taste adventure.

Unwrap this elegant ensemble to discover a bottle of Ch�teau Guillaume Blanc Bordeaux wine, boasting rich notes that dance on the palate. Alongside, indulge in the festive Duchess Anne de Noel beer from Lancelot, sure to enliven any occasion.

Feast upon a selection of exquisite terrines from Bois Jumel, including the rustic country terrine, the succulent wild boar terrine with chestnuts, and the flavorsome Breton country terrine. For a touch of sophistication, savor the festive Breton Oyster and langoustine terrines from Le counter de Belle �le.

Whats a gourmet experience without delightful treats? Savor the tray of decadent cinnamon pancakes and the irresistible orange pancakes crowned with indulgent dark chocolate. Allow your taste buds to be tantalized further by the delectable fig toast from La Chanteracoise.

The lavishness continues with the inclusion of a sumptuous duck foie gras from Domaine de LANVAUX and a luscious fig confit from Bois Jumel. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the richly flavored gingerbread, while the wooden box filled with salted butter caramels promises moments of pure indulgence.

Completing this luxurious assortment is the festive box of fruit paste, offering a medley of vibrant flavors. And lets not forget the delightful bag of shrimp with praline, a unique combination that will surprise and enchant.

Tasty Gift Assortment is an opulent ensemble, embodying the art of gourmet delight. Perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment, it promises to transport you to a world of authentic flavors and culinary bliss.

The Hamper includes:

� A Bordeaux wine - Ch�teau Guillaume Blanc - 75cl
� A Duchess Anne de Noel beer - Lancelot -75cl
� A country terrine with buckwheat - Bois Jumel - 90g
� A wild boar terrine with chestnuts - Bois Jumel - 90g
� A Breton country terrine - Bois Jumel - 90g
� A festive Breton Oyster terrine - Le counter de Belle �le - 100g
� A festive langoustine terrine - Le counter de Belle �le - 100g
� A tray of cinnamon pancakes - 150g
� A tray of orange pancakes topped with dark chocolate - 150g
� A bag of fig toast - La Chanteracoise - 140g
� A duck foie gras - Domaine de LANVAUX - 80g
� A fig confit - Bois Jumel - 110g
� Gingerbread with caramel pieces - 250g
� A wooden box filled with salted butter caramels - 45g
� A festive box of fruit paste - 250g
� A bag of shrimp with praline - 160g

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