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Sumptuous Delicacies Euphoria Showcase

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Earliest Delivery : 4/17/2024

IntroducingSumptuous Delicacies Euphoria Showcase, a delightful assortment of artisanal treats that will make any occasion truly special. This carefully curated collection brings together a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, ensuring a truly memorable experience for the lucky recipient.

Indulge in the heavenly combination of sweet and tangy with our ORGANIC Mango & Passion Fruit Nectar, served in an elegant 200ml glass bottle. The rich and creamy Salted Butter Caramel with Fleur de Sel will melt in your mouth, leaving you craving for more.

For the chocolate lovers, we have included a jar of our irresistible Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Made with the finest ingredients, this decadent treat is perfect for spreading on toast or enjoying straight from the spoon. The All Flower Honey, handcrafted in small batches, adds a touch of natural sweetness to every bite.

Savor the moment with our selection of delightful confections, including two Chocolate Papillotes, Raspberry Macaron, and a Mini Almond Macaron. These delectable treats are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

To complete this exquisite gift, we have included a bag of Cauldron Cooked Fruit Berlingot Candies, bursting with fruity goodness, and a bag of refreshing Mint Green Tea, accompanied by a Tea Infuser for the ultimate tea-drinking experience.

Sumptuous Delicacies Euphoria Showcase is not just a present; its a sensory journey that will delight and enchant anyone fortunate enough to receive it. Perfect for any occasion, this thoughtfully curated assortment is bound to leave a lasting impression.

The Hamper includes:

� ORGANIC Mango & Passion Fruit Nectar - 200ml Glass Bottle
� Salted Butter Caramel with Fleur de Sel - 50g
� Jar Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - 50g Jar
� All Flower Honey - 50g Jar
� 2 Chocolate Papillotes & Raspberry Macaron - 10g
� Mini Almond Macaron - 10g
� Cauldron Cooked Fruit Berlingot Candies - 50g Bag of
� Mint Green Tea (Infusette Cup) - 50g Bag of
Tea Infuser

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