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Savory Artisanal Treats

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Earliest Delivery : 5/27/2024

Savory Artisanal Treats is a delightful culinary ensemble that will undoubtedly impress any gourmet enthusiast. Nestled within this exquisite selection are carefully curated delicacies, each offering a unique sensory experience.

Indulge in the rich flavors of the Duck Blanquette with Purple Mustard, a tender and succulent dish that tantalizes the taste buds with its harmonious blend of duck and tangy mustard. Accompanying it is the Forest Terrine with Porcini Mushrooms, a savory delight that combines earthy porcini mushrooms with a medley of aromatic herbs, delivering a truly unforgettable taste.

For the connoisseurs of decadence, the Duck Terrine with Armagnac and Foie Gras is a true gem. Encased in a luscious blend of Armagnac and foie gras, this gourmet treat exudes sophistication and elegance in every bite.

Complementing these exquisite delights is a jar of Fig and Walnut Jam, a perfect balance of sweet figs and crunchy walnuts that adds a deliciously fruity twist to your every gastronomic adventure.

To round off this extraordinary selection, indulge in the Infernal Bar Black Orange Pralus, a luxurious dark chocolate creation that showcases the perfect balance between bitter cocoa, zesty oranges, and subtle hints of spice.

Discover the pleasure of gourmet excellence with Savory Artisanal Treats. Delight in the carefully crafted flavors and let your culinary journey unfold with every bite.

The Hamper includes:

� Duck blanquette with purple mustard
Net Weight: 0.775 kg - Gross Weight: 1 kg
Quantity: 1
� Forest terrine with porcini mushrooms
Net Weight: 0.180 kg - Gross Weight: 0.330 kg
Quantity: 1
� Duck terrine with Armagnac and foie gras
Net Weight: 0.180 kg - Gross Weight: 0.239 kg
Quantity: 1
� Green lentils from Corr�ze
Net Weight: .500 kg - Gross Weight: 0..520 kg
Quantity: 1
� Fig and walnut jam
Net Weight: 0.200 kg - Gross Weight: 0.42 kg
Quantity: 1
� Infernal bar black orange Pralus
Net Weight: .150 kg - Gross Weight: .200 kg
Quantity: 1

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