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Its almost the holidays! Do you have presents yet? This basket is the perfect way to surprise your guests on these festive days! What will you offer on holidays to your loved ones? Let them discover an original gift that they will appreciate, a basket filled with local products for feasts days. Open the trunk of the car, go to the store and choose among a wide choice of products´┐Ż A tasting menu is made for sharing!Here is a basket filled with delicious products that your family and friends will love. Surprises them on Christmas or New Year, or offer to cheer up the long winter evenings. Surprise them with this innovative way to offer an original gift. The Gift box consists of : pucks per 2, portion of 30g small butter by 3, portion of 30g thin pancakes 30g - flowpack 4 2 praline perlines bag of salted caramels 100g 2 Gavottes coated with dark chocolate 1 bowl of black bigoudens

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