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Foie Gras Fiesta Treat

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Earliest Delivery : 4/16/2024

This selection is a gourmet delight, capturing the essence of regional French cuisine. Foie Gras Fiesta Treat promise a delightful crunch, setting the stage for a journey through savory and sweet flavors.

The Corr�ze blueberry jam offers a taste of the regions sweet richness, while the Gaillard toast with spreadable foie gras and figs presents a luxurious blend of savory and fruity notes.

Moving on to heartier indulgences, the P�rigord goose rillettes and Canned duck confit evoke the traditional flavors of the French countryside, offering rich and savory experiences.

Completing the ensemble, the Plain farm pasta with porcini mushrooms adds a comforting touch, providing a canvas for enjoying the earthy flavors of mushrooms with the simplicity of pasta.

This collection is a celebration of French culinary traditions, combining both indulgent and comforting elements for a truly gourmet experience.

The Hamper includes:

� Harlequins of Carlux
� Corr�ze blueberry jam
� Gaillard toast, spreadable foie gras and figs
� P�rigord goose rillettes
� Canned duck confit
� Plain farm pasta and porcini mushrooms

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