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3 Veggie Toastinades

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EURO  34.6

Earliest Delivery : 5/27/2024

Assortment of 3 French vegetable pat´┐Ż toasts, spreadable delicacies for a 100Percent vegetarian aperitif and 100Percent pleasure! So you can now make diet rhyme with pleasure during your aperitifs. This is the guarantee to wow your guests for sure!From now on, you can finely round off your meals with this delicious vegetable toastinades. With the help of these , you can offer your guests an assortment of appetizer spreads - without having to wait half the afternoon to cut the vegetables!This is a 100Percent-vegetarian range, with no artificial preservatives or colorants. The Gift box consists of : Grilled zucchini and seed toast (100Percent vegetable) 90g jar Pink hummus with goat cheese and berries 100g jar Toastinade of grilled eggplants and seeds (100Percent vegetable) 90g jar 3x90g box Pack 3x90g

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